By paying close attention to details, we are able to refine our athletes’ Softball game in every aspect. With our 12,000 sq. ft. turf training facility, state-of-the-art technology, and experienced coaches, we fine-tune pitching and hitting performance, helping our athletes get to the next level. In addition to technique and skills training, we also teach our participants necessary life skills and confidence strategies needed during the heat of the game.


With more than 20 years of coaching experience under her belt, our hitting coach, Penney Arey, has hitting down to a science. Using our certified BLAST technology, Penney helps athletes strengthen and improve their hitting skills. BLAST is a score-based rating system that measures various aspects of performance, including Plane Score, Connection Score, and Rotation Score. This, alongside Penney’s expertise, helps our aspiring Softball athletes quickly identify their personal strengths and areas that might need more attention. The result is fast and measurable improvements to hitting abilities.


Our pitching, catching, and defense training is spearheaded by our very own Kacee West. Through small group practice sessions and video analysis workshops, Kacee’s coaching strategy takes a strong goal-oriented approach, focusing primarily on technique refinement, injury prevention, form, and arm care. On top of building technique, she also prepares athletes for the mental side of the game, promoting confidence, teamwork, mental resilience, and other valuable life skills.

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We train athletes of varying skill levels. Lessons are typically divided up into two age groups: 10 and under, and 11 and up. Sign up for lessons today and start improving on all aspects of your Softball game.

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GR!T Performance has two of the best softball trainers that you could ask for in Penney and Kacee.
RICK D., Facebook Review

Penney, Casey and Preston are free of judgment and in abundance of compassion. They have given my daughter guidance and encouragement beyond my expectations.

ROB V., Facebook Review
We LOVE Penney and Kacee! Their passion and commitment to softball and their students is beyond anything I have ever seen. Rylee can’t get enough!
SHANNON Q., Facebook Review