At GRIT Performance 515, we know that it’s more than just a game! That’s why we are proud to work alongside some of the best partners in performance recovery and nutrition in Indianola, Iowa.

From massage therapy to chiropractic to nutrition, you’ve come to the right place to find a health partner that can help you recover and stay healthy to remain on the field and active. Here are just a few of our partners that we work with at GRIT Performance 515:

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MTAG was started because I saw a need for young athletes to learn mental performance skills. Students are coming to college without the skills they need to help them deal, particularly, with anxiety and failure. They are told all their careers they need to be mentally tougher, but they have lacked access to a systematic approach to building mental “toughness.”

MTAG’s logo is designed with the concept in mind that each of my clients can “fill in the blanks.” Each client is on their own journey, paving their own path to the best version of themselves. Working with me, they will learn how to live with intention, how to respond to adversity, and how to compete against themselves every day, rather than compare themselves to others.

  • MTAG is “where you can” grow your mindset
  • “where you can” perform like never before
  • “where you can” master your mental strength to maximize your performance
  • “where you can” rethink your ability
  • it’s just “where you can” create your own journey
gripp fitness

Dr. Elliott is a new chiropractor at Drees Family and Sport Chiropractic. He was an intern there over the past summer until he graduated in October of 2020. Dr. Elliott is originally from a small town in Northeast Iowa called Strawberry Point. He was a 5-sport athlete in high school, participating in football, basketball, track, golf, and baseball. Just based on his activity level, Elliott was a regular at his town chiropractor dealing with the aches and pains of being an athlete.  After high school, Dr. Elliott continued his education at the University of Iowa and Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he spent a lot of time in the rehab department and working with soft tissue injuries with patients. In his spare time, he enjoys cheering for his favorite sports teams, the Chicago Cubs, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Iowa Hawkeyes, as well as spending times outdoors, especially fishing. 

Motion Studio

My name is Paris Smith and I am a licensed massage therapist here in Iowa. Growing up, I was a four sport athlete. In my teen years, I had an elbow injury that ended my athletic career very early. Five elbow surgeries and a chronic pain diagnosis later, I knew something had to be done. Massage therapy was my means to pain relief. After high school, I went to Simpson College where I decided to walk on to the softball team after seven years off of playing. Graduating from Simpson, I knew I wanted to help people decrease their pain and get back to moving just like I did. I went to Carlson College of Massage Therapy where I graduated and passed my licensing exam. Coming back from Massage school, I knew I wanted to start my business where I loved the community. I cannot wait to serve the community of Indianola as well as the many people that walk through our door here at Grit. 


Here at Motion Studio, we believe that massage therapy is an essential part of being healthy. Whether you need help getting back into your daily routine or you are wanting to improve your performance and athleticism, we are here to help you do that! Feel free to book online or give us a call with any questions.

Thriving Athletes

Mary Ziola-Vega is a Founder and CEO of Thriving Athletes and a Not for profit Empowering Athletes for Life events.  She works with college bound Athletes and Students to find the right fit in college Athletically and Academically and graduate with little or no debt.

Mary began by helping her daughter find the perfect fit after a coach told her she would never play in college due to scoliosis surgery.  Finding all the different opportunities that were hidden for students to participate in collegiate sports was a start of an exciting business.

Mary has helped over 527 students find the right fit in college found over 21.5 million dollars in scholarships to aid the students to graduate with little or no debt.  Her team of experts help the students in all aspects.  Her term the “New Athlete” is forming an athlete with not only their athleticism but also aware of what make them different enough to add value to the College team.  Mary and he experts work with the students to better their ACT/SAT score, mindset of an athlete, eating for success, FAFSA experts, to help the students excel to their fullest potential.

Mary believes there is the right fit for all students going to college, finding that right fit will aid in the student to be successful as a Thriving Student to graduate to a Thriving adult and graduate with little or no debt.